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Code quality engineer


It is our mission to remove all software bugs in the world.

With our Software Quality Framework TiCS, we facilitate continuous software quality improvement and provide a software quality overview from engineering to board level, using multiple reporting/dashboard tools. TIOBE ensures a smooth integration in the development and release process and, if necessary, adapts tailor-made solutions for each organization.

We contribute to the most important steps in software development of organizations such as Philips, TomTom, Vanderlande, Porsche and Heijmans.

About TIOBE Quality team

Our quality team is responsible for improving code quality in customer organizations, utilizing the TiCS framework and adequate quality models. In addition, the quality team is responsible for further development of quality models and quality standards.

One of the responsibilities of the quality team is the quality lab in which independent code quality assessments are performed.

Paul Jansen - CEO and head of our Quality Lab

Job description

One of the key activities of the code quality engineer are code quality assessments:

  • Analyze/review the measurement data on correctness, unexpected patterns.
  • Interpret the measurements towards the scoring provided.
  • Add recommendations towards improvements.
  • Write the assessment report and present the assessment report to the customer.

For more senior code quality engineers, additional activities are expected:

  • Define the assessment methods, using industry standards as reference.
  • Support the Quality Manager with in-depth analysis where irregularities in assessments are more complex.
  • Support the customer with non-standard questions from customers.

The code quality engineer reports to the quality manager.


  • Analytical; from code level to architectural overview, individual metrics to TQI score.
  • Understanding software quality towards various languages.
  • Understanding of relevant code quality standards like ISO 25010.
  • Communicating with customers in an objective, professional manner.
  • Objective viewpoint; withstanding pressure of customers towards biased measurements.
  • Ideally, having a broad connection with industry-wide software quality experts.
  • Ability to derive methods and models and document them with the user in mind.

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