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Software Developer

About TIOBE Development team:

Our product development team is responsible for the development and testing of our market leading TiCS framework. TiCS provides automatic and continuous measurement of software quality.

TiCS consists of many parts, among others, acquisition of raw quality data, driving commercial solutions for parts of the quality puzzle, TIOBE’s own applications, visualization and reporting for different types of users, from bit to board (software developers, managers).

Marvin Wener - Chief Technology Officer TIOBE


Within TIOBE, a Software Developer designs, develops, troubleshoots, debugs and tests software programs for software enhancements and new products. This includes code checking software, data sciences related code and dashboarding software.

The activities include:

  • Analysis, design and implementation on specific objectives and established guidelines.
  • Execution and writing of testing plans, protocols, and documentation.
  • Collaboration and communication with our internal and external sales and service teams.

Education and Experience Required

  • At least Bachelor’s, but preferred Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or equivalent.
  • Typically 6-8 years experience.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Using software systems design tools and languages.
  • Ability to apply analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Designing software systems running on multiple platform types.
  • Software systems testing methodology, including execution of test plans, debugging, and testing scripts and tools.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills. Ability to effectively communicate design proposals and negotiate options.
  • Must Have: Java, Design Principles.
  • UI Skills: Angular, Javascript, HTML.
  • Database: Any SQL.
  • Deployment Tools : Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Continuous Integration Tool : Jenkins.

Good to have

  • Experience on cloud technologies, prefferably Amazon AWS.

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