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We work together with the following organizations to deliver the most value to our customers.


Finidy successfully implements complex projects and programs in which ICT plays a crucial role for medium-sized and large companies, both in the Netherlands and in foreign countries. Their strength is their broad knowledge, their professional expertise and experience, matched with a strong drive and the ability to empathize with people in your organization.

Better Software

Seamlessly aligning with Tiobe’s offering BetterSoftware provides a scientific, technical framework providing measurable improvement in development quality, empowering individual developers and business teams to identify and resolve defects before they can impact the business at the same time remaining embedded as a core part of the development team.


The buffadoo, known in France as “the tool for lighting the fire without burning your mustache,” is a long, hollow, wooden tube that can be used to rekindle a dying fire. Do you need to “rekindle” the energy in your team? Buffadoo provides “Software excellence as a service”, Applying agile fluency diagnostics and a holistic set of technical and competence  assessments, we work with teams and help them self-improve their architecture, code and ways of working.


Avisi is dedicated to delivering the highest quality software solutions and supporting other companies to do the same. In partnership with TIOBE, they offer clients a comprehensive software quality assessment that rates software architecture on an A-F scale. Their assessment provides practical recommendations tailored to each customer’s specific needs, ensuring that stakeholders on all levels benefit from their insights and advice.

Eindhoven University of Technology

Eindhoven University of Technology and TIOBE have a long history together and collaborate on research related to Software Quality. Research ranges from broad and conceptual, like validating TIOBE’s quality models, to narrow and concrete, like determining the ideal amount of tokens to be used when measuring code duplication.