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20-bugs challenge

13 September 2022

TiCS and 90 minutes in, 20 severe bugs out.

Challenge us!

Our TiCS Framework, 90 minutes and 20 severe bugs, that’s the premise of our free 20-bugs challenge!

We are a big fan of showing the world what our software quality framework, TiCS, can do in terms of bug detection. As such, we can guarantee you that in a session of 90 minutes, we can find 20 severe bugs in your code, like possible divisions by zero or a null pointer dereference, without any prior knowledge of your code base! We will make the results of the analysis available to you, and also provide you and your team members with feedback.

Ready to put your code to the test? If you’re interested in participating in our free 20-bugs challenge, send us an email at info@tiobe.com!