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Industrial strength C++

16 May 2001

How to develop reliably in C++

The road towards industrial strength C++

A long time ago in a small country in the north… Well, that is one way to start the story about this book. Mats and I had written a document as part of our job at Ellemtel (a company owned by Ericsson and Telia) that we had made available on the Internet. The document was soon recommended within companies all over the globe and we were approached by some publishers that wanted us to write a book on the topic. We picked Prentice Hall PTR and started to work. It took some time to understand what type of book to write, but finally after many years of work the book was published.

The translation of the book to HTML was done from an early version of the book and you will find some differences to the published book. The reason for that is that our material was converted to Quark from this version created in Adobe™ Framemaker, and we do not have a copy of the final version. If you find differences you can email me them and I will update the HTML-files accordingly.

You can also email me if you find errors or if you want to propose improvements to what has been written. A lot has happended since 1995-1996 when we wrote the book.

The book is no longer being printed by Prentice-Hall PTR (now Pearsons), so here might be the only way to get hold of the material today.


Copyright © 1997 Mats Henricson, Erik Nyquist and Ellemtel Utvecklings AB

Published by Prentice Hall PTR
All rights reserved.
ISBN 0-13-120965-5