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Maintainability characteristics

8 September 2022

TIOBE and TÜViT developed a quality model for software maintainability.

Maintainability of software is important, and gets more and more important as the amount of software around us is rapidly growing, building new releases upon previous ones in the devices we use.

According to the ISO 25010 standard, maintainability is divided into 5 sub characteristics: Analysability, Modularity, Modifiability, Testability and Reusability. The big question is, how do you measure all this in order to get to a reliable statement of software maintainability?

TIOBE and TÜViT developed a quality model by which it is measured reproducibly, independently and objectively. If you’re interested in the technical foundations of the quality model, you can find them at Trusted Product Maintainability.

If you want some tips on how to make your code base more maintainable, feel free to reach out!