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TiCS 2023.2 released!

20 March 2023

TIOBE releases TiCS 2023.2, including vizualizations of introduced code duplication before you commit, different code types for duplication, logarithmic scaling for graphs, and more!

TiCS 2023.2.0 – 2023-03-10

TiCS 2023.2.0 Highlights

Client Viewer support for Code Duplication annotations

It is now possible to view your changes on code duplication in the Annotated Source of the TICS Viewer, when using TICS Client. Simply run TICS Client for Code Duplication and your changes can be compared to the reference run.

Duplication measurement per code type

Before, it was not possible to distinguish code duplication between code types (Production, Generated, Test Code, External/Third party code). Now duplications are only calculated for files of the same code type, which results in a fairer score of the TQI Code duplication metric.

Added logarithmic scale option to chart axes

For some charts, when values have a wide spread, a logarithmic scale is a very convenient way to visualize data. Therefore, we have added the capability to change axis scaling to logarithmic for scatter plots.

You can find the full release notes, here.

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