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TiCS 2023.4 released!

24 July 2023

TIOBE releases TiCS 2023.4, introducing more advanced benchmarking and a new look-and-feel!

TiCS 2023.4.0 Highlights

New look and feel

We felt it was about time to give our TiCS viewer’s UI an update. With this new look and feel we introduced a sidebar for improved navigation.


The new look-and-feel of the TiCS Dashboard

Project benchmarking

It is now possible to compare your project to other projects throughout the world. Your project is shown among anonymized data of projects in a scatter plot. This way you can see how your project compares quality-wise with other projects.

TiCS Client Abstract Interpretation and Security support Parasoft tooling

Detect Abstract Interpretation and Security violations earlier in your process with TiCS Client. Though analysis time will increase to calculate these metrics, it significantly improves the left-shift movement, as you can run Abstract Interpretation and Security from your own machine and in Pull Requests.

You can find the full release notes, here.

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