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TiCS 2024.1 released!

1 March 2024

TIOBE releases TiCS 2024.1, introducing Product Dashboards, Google authentication and more options in terms of setting default code types in your TiCS Viewer!

TiCS 2024.1.0 Highlights

Product Dashboard

Many companies have a product-oriented development approach. These products may consist of one or multiple reusable projects. For many employees within a company the products are more known than the projects themselves. Therefore, there is a need to relate the different projects to one or more products. To support this use case, we extended our label mechanism to represent product views.

Google Authentication

It is very common to manage your users in a central place. We already added support for Microsoft authentication. Recently, Google has become popular as well for this purpose, so we added support to use Google as an authentication provider. This means that all the users in your Google domain can now also access the TICS viewer.

Default Displayed Code Types

Depending on your preferences one may be interested in different code types, being production code, test code, generated code or even external code. By default, only production code is shown and one needs to change filter settings to see all code types. When you are interested in more code types than just production, the default shown code types can be configured in the administration pages of the TICS viewer.

You can find the full release notes, here.

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