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Software Quality Assessment

Are you interested in whether your software is of sufficient quality? Or are you curious to see how it scores when compared to our benchmark of over 7500 industrial projects? Perhaps you are planning to take over another business, and want to make sure their software is up to the mark. There are many different reasons for having your software quality measured by an independent third-party company such as TIOBE. We are fully specialized in the domain of software quality and are recognized by institutes such as TÜViT to perform quality assessments.

Measure your software quality.

  • Receive a quality grade ranging from A to F.
  • Areas of improvement highlighted by TIOBE.
  • Drill down to annotated source code in our dashboard.
  • Possibility to obtain TÜViT certificate.
  • Assessment in accordance with ISO 25010.

Is your software of sufficient quality?

TIOBE offers a software code quality assessment service based on the official ISO/IEC 25010 standard on software product quality.

Request an assessment


The assessment provides a powerful set of deliverables:

  • Report. The assessment report contains about 20 pages and explains the findings of the more than 350 metrics that are applied to your code. It also provides recommendations, identified risks, benchmarks, manual code reviews and an overall qualification.
  • Presentation. During a presentation we will explain the report in detail to all stakeholders including software management and software engineers.
  • Dashboard. All data that has been collected is available in the TiCS dashboard. This is a web application in which you can drill down from high-level findings to individual issues in the source code. Your organizations will be provided access to this dashboard.
TQI Quality Assessment

TiCS Framework

TiCS is our software quality framework that allows us to effectively measure and monitor the software quality of software projects. The framework integrates software quality data of various tools into one convenient environment. Apart from using our TiCS Framework for our assessments, you can also purchase a company-wide license to continuously monitor your own software quality. Easily maneuver through your projects, locate files that need improvements, and generate to-do lists based on your quality checks to find out how your files can be improved.

TiCS Framework