TIOBE rewards the best TICS projects with the quarterly TIOBE Software Quality Award. There are more than 3,000 software projects of various multinationals world-wide that qualify divided into 3 categories:

  • large-sized projects (more than 500K lines of code)
  • mid-sized projects (more than 100K lines of code)
  • small-sized projects (less than 100K lines of code)

TIOBE Software Quality Award Q1 2018

The winner of the most ambitious award, the large-sized projects, for the first quarter of 2018 is …

NavKit of TomTom (Amsterdam - Netherlands)

The complete top 5 of large-sized projects is listed below (out of 612 projects):

Q1 2018 Q4 2017 Project Company TQI Score TQI Level
1. (1) NavKit TomTom Amsterdam NL 90.01%
2. (2) Eleva System Control Philips Hamburg D 89.51%
3. (4) FSC7.2 Controller Vanderlande Veghel NL 85.70%
4. (3) SS IGC FA Philips Best NL 85.37%
5. (5) iEngine Core Philips Best NL 84.08%
The winning NavKit team

The winners of the mid-sized projects are (out of 855 projects):

Q1 2018 Project Company TQI Score TQI Level
1. Michi TomTom Amsterdam NL 98.89%
2. Hue SDK Philips Lighting Eindhoven NL 96.24%
3. IMS Philips Digital Pathology Best NL 95.69%
The winning Michi team

The winner of the small-sized projects is (out of 1,859 projects):

Q1 2018 Project Company TQI Score TQI Level
1. PSR Philips PiNS Eindhoven NL 100.00%

The plexiglass TIOBE QA Award

A small interview with the winning NavKit Team

NavKit is TomTom’s off-the-shelf, easy-to-integrate navigation engine, enabling OEMs and Tier1 suppliers to develop customised Connected Navigation Systems. NavKit implements complex navigation algorithms and logics for advanced routing technology, intuitive destination entry and interactive 2D and 3D map visualisation. A picture of a system using the NavKit software is shown below.


  • How does your software development process look like?

We run an agile software development process, where we put a lot of emphasis on design, code reviews, fully automated tests and continuous integration and delivery. The NavKit engine ( consists of more than a million lines of C++ code, which gets delivered as an SDK with multiple APIs. We test it at a unit and component level continuously, on every change, in order to ensure a fast feedback loop to the development teams and thoroughly tested deliveries. When it comes to Automotive customers, quality is non-negotiable.

  • What was the critical success factor to become number 1 of the world?

We came a long way from where we stood 5 years ago. Back then we struggled to detect defects before they reached downstream customers, we were dealing with a legacy code-base which was hard to maintain and we realised that this maintenance was costing us too much. In order to be in a sustainable position and earn the trust of our customers we had to invest very seriously on quality, and that’s what we did. It was a profound change in all the development areas.

  • How is quality promoted within the TomTom company?

Quality is a first-class concern when development teams discuss how to implement new features. They have adopted a quality-driven mentality, so development shortcuts and hacks are frowned upon. The good thing is that the management team fully supports this, because there is an understanding at all levels in TomTom that sacrificing on quality is way more expensive on the long run.

  • How did TiCS help in this process?

TiCS allows the teams to visualise very effectively some of the quality metrics, and to integrate them into the development lifecycle. An automated tool like TiCS is absolutely fundamental in order to achieve the quality goals that we require, and the TIOBE Quality Indicator (TQI) allows comparability with a wide range of industries on where we stand with our investments in good quality software. I think this is important for both our customers as well as our internal stakeholders.

  • Are you going to win the award next quarter again? If so, why do you think so?

We will certainly improve our score, because we are not satisfied that easily. Whether we will win or not, we will see!

Previous Winners

  • Q4 2017 - Q1 2018 NavKit TomTom Amsterdam (NL)
  • Q1 2015 - Q3 2017 Philips HealthTech Eleva System Control Hamburg (D)
  • Q2 2014 - Q4 2014 Philips Healthcare Eleva UI Hamburg (D)
  • Q3 2013 - Q1 2014 ASML OTAS Eindhoven (NL)
  • Q1 2010 - Q2 2013 Philips Healthcare Eleva UI Hamburg (D)
  • Q1 2009 - Q4 2009 Océ Technologies VarioPrint Venlo (NL)
  • Q1 2008 - Q4 2008 NXP Semiconductors STB225 Southampton (UK)