TIOBE Quality Indicator Change History

4.9 Adjusted the compliance factor definition to solve a bug about severity levels.
4.8 Adjusted the definition of Fan Out to keep it in the range [0,100].
4.7 Used tokens for Code Duplication score instead of lines of code.
4.6 Reverted exclusion of C# interfaces for code duplication.
4.5 Replaced example buffer overflow by division by zero for abstract interpretation.
4.4 Added exceptions for C# code duplication.
4.3 Improved TQI formula for code duplication.
4.2 Fixed a typo (missing parenthesis) in definition of Compliance Factor.
4.1 Fixed typos and improved phrasing.
4.0 Introduced Security metric.
3.11 Improved formula of Cyclomatic Complexity.
3.10 Improved formula of Cyclomatic Complexity.
3.9 Excluded header files from metric Code Coverage.
3.8 Corrected a calculation error in Compiler Warnings thresholds.
3.7 Relaxed TQI of Code Duplication.
3.6 Added multiple compiler constraint to TQI.
3.5 Made a distinction between internal and external Fan Out.
3.4 Updated the definition of average Cyclomatic Complexity.
3.3 Excluded header files from metric Code Duplication.
3.2 Improved Code Duplication calculation.
3.1 Introduced new C# Fan Out calculation.
3.0 Factored out metric coverage in TQI definition.
2.2 Added percentages to the TQI scores.
2.1 Adjusted TQI metric boundaries.
2.0 Improved the TQI definition of Compiler Warnings.
1.2 Added recommended TQI levels.
1.1 Improved the TQI energy label.